where to deer hunt on windy days

where to deer hunt on windy days

As any experienced deer hunter knows, windy days can either be a blessing or a curse when it comes to hunting. While wind can make it difficult to stay stealthy and quiet in the woods, it can also work to your advantage by masking your scent and making deer more active. Here are some of the best deer hunting spots to target on windy days:

1. Ridge lines
On windy days, ridge lines can be a hot spot for deer activity. Deer will often seek out these higher ground areas to avoid the strong gusts of wind at lower elevations. Setting up along a ridge line can give you a strategic vantage point to spot deer moving through the area.

2. Funnel points
Funnel points, where two or more natural features come together to create a narrow passage, are always a good spot for deer hunting. On windy days, deer will often use these funnel points as natural wind breaks, making them even more attractive hunting locations.

3. Thick cover
On windy days, deer will seek out thick cover to find shelter from the wind. Dense brush, overgrown fields, and wooded areas all provide protection from the elements, making them ideal spots to set up a stand or blind. Be sure to position yourself downwind of these thick cover areas to catch deer as they seek refuge.

4. Food sources
Even on windy days, deer still need to eat. Food sources like crop fields, orchards, and food plots are always a good bet for deer hunting, especially in the early morning and late afternoon hours. Pay attention to wind direction when choosing a stand location near a food source to maximize your chances of success.

5. Water sources
Water is essential for deer survival, and they will brave windy conditions to reach a reliable water source. Setting up near a pond, stream, or other water source can be a productive deer hunting spot on windy days. Look for fresh tracks and other signs of deer activity around the water to choose the best location for your stand.

In conclusion, windy days can offer unique opportunities for deer hunting if you know where to look. By targeting ridge lines, funnel points, thick cover, food sources, and water sources, you can increase your chances of success when hunting in blustery conditions. Remember to pay attention to wind direction and plan your approach accordingly to outsmart deer on windy days. Happy hunting!